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Exploring Perceived Fairness in Hotel Service Recovery: The Case of Kingdom Plaza, Wuhan
Hanyu Chen, Yun Lok Lee & Betty Weiler
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to explore the fairness perceptions of Chinese hotel consumers about service recovery. A total of 460 Chinese hotel guests participated in this study. The measures were adopted from previous studies and data were collected in a hotel in Wuhan. The findings confirmed the importance of compensation to Chinese…
Exploring Tourist Experiences in Kampung Beng Homestay Programme
Nur Izwani Abdul Aziz, Fatimah Hassan & Mastura Jaafar
Abstract: Throughout the course of any tour, the tourist invariably accrues a range of experiences. Such experiences constitute a perpetual flow of thoughts and feelings that occur during moments of consciousness. The outcome of an experience depends on how an individual, in a specific mood and state of mind, reacts to his or her interactions with the destination. Therefore, tourism…
Stakeholders’ Expectations from Tour Guides
Shailja Sharma & Nimit Chowdhary
Abstract: As tourism becomes more important across the world, so does destination competitiveness with destination managers executing every detail of the services offered, leaving none to chance. In this case, one of the most important roles of a tour guide is to take, lead, and accompany a tourist while visiting an unknown territory. Hence, to a large extent, the quality of tourist experience…
Industry Leadership in Tourist Guiding: A Member’s Perspective of SGL Using the Organisational Learning Framework
Romy Greiner & Aggie Wegner
Abstract: In the pursuit of delivering high quality tourist experiences in a geographically remote and professionally isolated setting, many tourist guides in north Australia have associated themselves with Savannah Guides Limited (SGL). SGL is a professional association of tour guides operating in Australia’s tropical savannas, a vast landscape renowned as remaining…
Sustainable Development Indicators in the Indus Basin Regions: An Analytical Approach
Parikshat Singh Manhas & Akshi Bhagat
Abstract: The regions of the Indus basin face extreme water challenges due to population growth, increased urbanisation and industrialisation, environmental degradation, unregulated use of resources, inefficient water utilisation and poverty, all of which are further aggravated by changes in the climate. The Indus basin is shared by four countries – Pakistan, India, Afghanistan…
Hospitality Emergency Management and The Dirty Twelve: A Dozen Reasons for Failure
Ahmad Rasmi AlBattat, Ahmad Puad Mat Som & Chiang, Li-Ting
Abstract: The hospitality industry is highly vulnerable to emergencies and disastrous events. Related studies show that this industry reflects a lack of preparedness in crisis situations. Efforts should be well planned and organised under normal conditions rather than unexpected phenomena. This paper aims to shed light on issues related to emergency preparedness and responses…
Micro-impacts and Benefits of Business Tourism in Malaysia: A Case Study of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Kashif Hussain, Neethiahnanthan Ari Ragavan, Jeetesh Kumar & Ruben M. Nayve Jr.
Abstract: The objective of the current study is to highlight the micro areas of delegate spending and their experiences specifically in the case of Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (The Centre), Malaysia. The study operationally defined business tourism as ‘travel-related activities and expenditures of business tourists attending international MICE-related events’ at The Centre either as local…
Investigating the Success Factors of Hotel Websites: The Case of Egyptian Hotels
Gamal S. A. Khalifa & Mohamed A. A. Abou-Shouk
Abstract: The use of web as a marketing channel is on the rise rapidly worldwide. The majority of businesses across all industries including hotels, adopt web usage in order to satisfy their customers. Hotels adopt this new environment to communicate directly with travellers and offer customers who are willing to search for information the opportunity to book accommodation online…
Balanced Scorecard Usage and Performance of Hotels: A Study from the Tourist State of Uttarakhand, India
Devkant Kala & Satish Chandra Bagri
Abstract: Tourism is a major driver of economic growth and livelihood promotion in the Uttarakhand state of India. The contribution of tourism to the state gross domestic product (GDP) and employment generation is significant. The expansion of tourism inevitably brings about the development…
Determinants of Customer Experience and Resulting Satisfaction and Revisit Intentions: PLS-SEM Approach towards Malaysian Resort Hotels
Faizan Ali & Rosmini Omar
Abstract: This study aims to assess physical and social environments as determinants of customer experiences with regard to guest satisfaction and intentions to revisit Malaysian resort hotels. It examines a research framework constituting physical and social environment and analyses the results of the survey to test the hypotheses. Questionnaires were distributed to customers…
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