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The Effects of Motivation and Satisfaction on Destination Loyalty at the Thailand -Laos (PDR) Border
Kantimarn Chindaprasert, Paradee Yasothornsrikul & Ranee Esichaikul
Abstract: Over the past few decades, the influence of the Greater Mekong Sub-region (GMS) program and Asian Economic Community (AEC) framework of ASEAN has led to an increasing number of tourists visiting Thailand and Laos (PDR) border sites. Accordingly, the Thailand-Laos (PDR) border destination appears to have a high tourism market potential as it is seen as an important…
Sustainability in Higher Education: An Exploratory Investigation of Hospitality Management Courses
Gaurav Chawla & Parikshat Singh Manhas
Abstract: This paper aims to investigate students’ perceptions about sustainability curricula in hospitality management degree programmes. Sustainability, a prime business concern, is now a prominent agenda in higher education, and also in hotel management courses. The study is located in India and adopts a positivist epistemological position. Quantitative…
Online Community Commitment and Member Loyalty: A PLS-based Study to Examine Chinese Travel and Tourism-related Online Communities
Yuan Zhou & Rosmini Omar
Abstract: While the question of how commitment influences user behavior in online communities has recently attracted considerable research, few studies have empirically evaluated the drivers of online community commitment. Building on a conceptual framework of factors affecting commitment with online communities, this study evaluates the influence of individual psychological…
“Otherness” of Ethnic Enclave Attractions in Multicultural Cities: A Study of Chinatown and Little India
Sonia Khan
Abstract: For ages, tourists have been fascinated with “Other” cultures making it a primary reason for international travel. Several destinations around the world are blessed with cultural pluralism and proudly boast of being “multicultural”. These destinations comprise multiethnic migrant communities living in their respective “ethnic enclave” settings in a foreign land. Enclaves enrich the tourism product by pleasantly punctuating the cultural…
Sociocultural Hurdles of Sustainable Hospitality Management
Annina Binder & Peter Varga
Abstract: Sustainability in the hospitality industry has been an area of growing interest among stakeholders in the last decades. However, sustainable projects that are often proposed by foreign/international stakeholders have met various obstacles during their implementation. Beyond economic and political barriers, this paper focuses on sociocultural specificities that…
Multi-Dimensional Responsible Rural Tourism Capacity (RRTC) Framework: A Proposed Environmental Responsibility and Management Model for Malaysia
Vikneswaran Nair, Badaruddin Mohamed & Lo May Chiun
Abstract: Malaysia is regarded as a heaven for ecotourism and natural resources. Nonetheless, the very concept of ecotourism is confused with massive “greenwashing” that is destroying many pristine destinations especially in the rural settings. Various tourism models emphasising on the environment have been developed in the past in Malaysia with no holistic understanding…
The Contribution of NGOs in General and Skål International Particularly, in Tourism Development
Ruhet Genç
Abstract: This paper aims to highlight the importance of non-governmental organisations (NGOs), especially the Skål movement for sustainable tourism. NGOs play a role in developing tourism sustainably by taking into account a community’s attachment, engagement and commitment. NGOs play a vital role in tourism management and development. Skål International…
Destination Performance: Importance of Redefining DMOs
Rahul Pratap Singh Kaurav, Ruturaj Baber, Nimit Chowdhary & Shakir Kapadia
Abstract: There is a huge gap in defining the core concept of destination, performance and its marketing / management organisation. This review paper intends to study the aforesaid gap and aid the concept in defining it from different perspectives. The chosen study also highlights the burning need of researchers and students alike in serving the definitional aspect…
Legal and Ethical Practices in Hong Kong’s Hospitality Industry
Pimtong Tavitiyaman & Hin Cheung Annie Ko
Abstract: This study aims to explore employee perception of legal and ethical issues in Hong Kong’s hospitality industry and examine the legal and ethical emphases of different hospitality sectors. Frontline employees perceive the importance of most of the legal and ethical issues. However, they perceive that hospitality companies do not perform well on legal and ethical implications…
Craftourism: Moderating Emotional-Bonding with Destination and its Loyalty
Arup Kumar Baksi
Abstract: Traditional crafts play a major role in enhancing the attractiveness of a destination. Destination Marketing Organisations (DMOs) have embraced this phenomenon and associate crafts with visitors’ cognitive self. The recently coined term “Craftourism” further illustrates this growing integration of visitors with the conceptualisation and production process of various…
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