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The Impact of Awareness on Tourism Marketing Slogan on Length of Stay and Travel Budget Allocation of Young Travellers
John Paolo R. Rivera & Eylla Laire M. Gutierrez
Abstract: Tourism remains a vital industry in advancing the growth and development of global economies, whereby tourism marketing initiatives have become a dominant technique to realize a destination’s full potential. We consider both length of stay and travel budget allocation of young travellers to understand the role of tourism marketing initiatives of destinations. Using…
The Impact of Having Completed Internships on Undergraduate Students’ Perceptions of the Japanese Tourism and Hospitality Industry
James Bury & Emi Iwasaki
Abstract: Internships are commonly promoted as beneficial to students, educators, and employers, but the impact internships have on students’ perceptions of the tourism and hospitality industry are often not considered. It is imperative that students’ perceptions are investigated as by gaining a better understanding of them, more positive attitudes to the industry can …
Does Tenure Matter? HTLP Evaluation Criteria and Programme Quality among the United States Faculty
Danny Woosik Choi & Kurt Stahura
Abstract: The purpose of this study is to examine programme quality and perceptions of evaluation criteria of hospitality, tourism, and leisure programmes (HTLPs) among full-time faculty based on tenure status (i.e., non-tenure, tenure-track, and tenured) in the United States. The MANOVA (multivariate analysis of variance) analyses found that non-tenure track faculty score…
The Perception of Hyatt Place—a Mid-scale Brand among Hotel Customers in China
Maria Yue & Steve Xu
Abstract: Though the mid-scale hotel business is still in its infancy in China, it has become a new growing competitive market attracting a variety of international hotel brands. Moreover, from the academic perspective, mid-scale hotel business is seldom discussed in the Eastern context. This study attempts to examine whether there are some latent brand positioning issues affecting…
Inclusions and Exclusions of Social Tourism
Toney K. Thomas
Abstract: The term ‘social tourism’ has been ambiguously interpreted since its inception in the early 20th century, when the focus of tourism was mainly for the financially disadvantaged and socially excluded travellers. Such concept was indeed important to increase social participation in tourism through social and political interventions. Tourism today has transformed with several …
From ‘Artistic Ape’ to Tourist: How the Evolution of Art Mirrors that of Tourism
Keith Kay Hin TAN
Abstract: This paper examines the connection between art and tourism by showing how both disciplines have been subject to a similar evolution over nevertheless dissimilar periods of history. It focuses on the work of artist-researcher Desmond Morris whose works have been celebrated as explaining the effects of evolution on human behaviour. Focusing on the production of art as…