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Strategic Marketing Framework of Community Based Ecotourism: A Case of Panguil, Laguna Philippines towards Sustainable Perspective
Merle U. Ruiz, Ernesto Mandigma & Florenda de Vero
Abstract: This paper aimed to develop a strategic tourism marketing framework to save Panguil River Ecopark (PREP) from environmental degradation whilst promoting Panguil as model for Community Based Ecotourism in the province of Laguna. Panguil falls under the fourth class municipality of Laguna and endowed with cultural products and numerous natural …
The Impact of Measure and Time on Quality Wine-Food Pairing
M. Thashneem Thaqseen Bhanu & Prasanna Kumar J.P.
Abstract: Matching wine with food is a process to enhance the dining experience. In recent days, the food and wine pairing has been a modern art and fostering an industry of books and media with guidelines for pairing of particular food and wine. This study focussed to analyse the attributes which enhances the wine – food combinations, taking into consideration the three main attributes …
A Cursory Content Study of Indian Wine Label vis-à-vis New World Wine Label to Enhance Impulse Buying among Novice Wine Consumers
M. Thashneem Thaqseen Bhanu & V. Jaykumar
Abstract: The purpose of the paper is to decipher cursory content study of Indian wine labels in relation to new world wine available in Indian wine markets, specific to Bangalore, which induces an impulse purchasing pattern based on the label design, colour and pictorial depictions for novice wine consumers in Bangalore, India. The decision to purchase a bottle of wine is often difficult for…
Restaurant Customers Awareness Level on the Benefits of Using ‘Luto Sa Palayok’ in Filipino Cuisine
Marivic Delos Santos, Reymarie Lobo, Arthur Digman, Ronalyn Pereňa, Rosszen Yorka Rivera Tuazon & Andrew Nico Pilapil
Abstract: The purpose of the study is to conduct survey in the restaurant customer’s awareness level on the benefits of using ‘Luto Sa Palayok’ in Filipino Cuisine. It introduce the local clay pot of the Philippines called “ palayok” and its benefit as a cooking utensil. ‘it investigates the perceived health factors associated with the use of the clay pot’ Descriptive research design was…
Influence of Chinese Foodways to the Filipino Culinary Heritage: Preservation of Best Practices
Marichu Liwanag & Antonino Alejandro
Abstract: Many Chinese time-honored restaurants have a long history of good reputation and adherence to their traditional food practices. They had brought these practices to other countries and became part of their cultural heritage, however, over the past few decades, many heritage restaurants had to reluctantly exit the industry due to the concerns of succession planning,…
Destination Competiteveness of Beach Tourism: A Case of Batangas Province Towards Sustainability
Ernesto C. Mandigma Jr., Merle U. Ruiz, & Florenda J. De Vero
Abstract: This study aimed to determine the destination competitiveness of beach tourism in Batangas Province as input to the proposed tourism sustainable development plan. It assessed the level of sustainability of the beach destinations in Batangas Province relative to economy, socio cultural and environment. It also tackled on how competitive are the destinations in …
Hospitality Education at Vocational and Tertiary Level: A Comparative Study of France and Malaysia
Chiew Boon Tian & Jeetesh Kumar
Abstract: Tourism is among the rapid growing industry worldwide. Tourism aligns with the hotel industry, food and beverage, and other commercial industry has created many job opportunities and generates much revenue for the country. There is an increasing need of workforce parallel with this phenomenon and has led to continued growth of public and private institutions offering…
Compliance to Food Safety Standards of Ambulant Vendors in Two Cities of Nueva Ecija, Philippines
Celyrah B. Castillo
Abstract: Food safety practices of food handlers play significant role in making sure that food is kept clean from the preparation, cooking process and up to the time it is served to the customers (Mohan 2006). This study assessed the compliance to food safety standards anchored on Presidential Decree 856, Code on Sanitation of the Philippines that promulgates indicators of …
Tourism Education Program of De La Salle Schools in Region Iv-A, Philippines: A Sustainable Approach
Ernesto C. Mandigma JR. & Faustino I. De Chavez
Abstract: The study aimed to assess the tourism education program of the De La Salle Schools in Region IV-A, Philippines, as input to the proposed sustainability management plan. It focused on the status of tourism education and its internal and external environment. The descriptive method of research was utilized in this study with the questionnaire as the main data gathering …
A Sustainability Framework of River-based Tourism in Panay Island
Ma. Flora C. Collado
Abstract: This study aimed to determine the impacts of river-based tourism destinations sustainability of Panay Island in terms of economic viability, socio-cultural equity, and environmental conservation. The study used a quantitative approach using purposive sampling in the selection of target destinations and stratified random sampling in determining the sample…
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