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Importance-Performance Analysis of Phuket’s Cruise Port in Thailand
Ranee Esichaikul & Rochaporn Chansawang
Abstract: Cruise tourism in Asia is growing rapidly. Phuket has supported cruise tourism as a port of call for various cruise lines for decades. The addition of more destinations in Asia for cruise visits and the deployment of mega cruise ships by the cruise industry has placed increasing pressure on Phuket to improve its port facilities. The mix-method study examines the importance…
Awareness of Mystery Shoppers Amongst Malaysian Hospitality Students
Sumitha Anantharajah, Chan Yi Lin & Teh Yi Tian
Abstract: Hospitality graduates are the industry’s future; hence this study investigates students’ awareness of a commonly used tool of quality management, which is mystery shopping. The study also evaluates their level of understanding towards the importance of quality management in the hotel industry. Adopting a quantitative approach, data were collected from a sample size…