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Computer-Mediated Communication and Organisational Communication: The Use of New Communication Technology in the Workplace
Lee Cheng Ean
Abstract: The evolution of new communication technologies since the 21st century has dramatically changed organisational communication processes. Many companies have begun to treat new communication technologies as an important investment for creating a new paradigm for workplace communication. This is because powerful and effective communication…
Openings and Closings in Front Counter Transactions of Malaysian Government Hospitals
*Kuang Ching Hei, Maya Khemlani David, Lau Su Kia & Ang Pei Soo
Abstract: This paper focuses on two aspects of social interactions: openings and closings. It examines the public transactions occurring between front counter Malay staff and clients/patients seeking services in Malaysian government hospitals. Openings and closings are important features of face-to-face interactions because both elements suggest that acknowledgement…
“Vote for me!”: A Content Analysis of News Reports Leading to the 12th General Election Political Communication
*Wong Fei Mun & Lean Mei Li
Abstract: The political tsunami that occurred on 8 March 2008 sent shock waves throughout Malaysia. It was an unexpected turn of events that many thought of as a dream or nightmare, depending on who was having the dream. Thus, this study looks into how the politicians from all parties used the media to convey messages across to the media consumers in order…
Television Exposure and Internet Use: Their Relationship to Political Tolerance in Egyptian Society
Shaima’a Z Zoghaib
Abstract: Drawing on a survey of 450 Egyptians aged 18 to 70 representing different socio-economic categories and different geographical regions, this study compared the effects of television exposure and Internet use on political tolerance in Egyptian society, taking into account other social, political and psychological variables. The study also investigated the targets…