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The Research Imperative in the Evolving Environment of Public Universities in Malaysia
*Parvinder Kaur Hukam Singh, Thavamalar Thuraisingam, Vikneswaran Nair & Maya Khemlani David
Abstract: The importance of original scholarship as proposed by Humboldt has shaped the research mission in universities worldwide. Universities in Malaysia which are the pivotal organisations of a knowledge society are mandated to fulfill the aspiration of the government for Malaysia to be a regional and international education hub. To meet this challenge, organised research…
‘Dog Whistle Journalism’ of Racialising Myanmar Refugees
Yeoh Pei Lee
Abstract: The journalistic practice of representing refugees is commonly performed by erecting symbolic boundaries that depict their differences from the dominant group. The castigation of such symbolic marking enables how new racism is understood, formed, and naturalised. This expansive contemporary notion of racism locates minority groups as socially…
Media Coverage: The Bukit Antarabangsa Landslide
*Prasana Rosaline Fernandez, Lean Mei Li & Khor Yoke Lim
Abstract: In the intersection between communication and crisis, the mass media play a significant role in influencing not only public definition and interpretation of the situation but also evaluation of responses from relevant agencies, decision makers and those affected. The media is not dominated by one actor but represented by multiple actors and discourses, each…
Identity Construction and Code Switching in English Newspaper Advertisements
*Deborah Ashabai Fredericks John & Francisco Perlas Dumanig
Abstract: This study examined identity construction through the use of code switching in English language newspaper advertisements in Malaysia. Specifically, this study investigated how code switching is used to construct identity and determine the types of identities constructed. One hundred and twenty one (121) food, finance, motoring, energy and telecommunications…