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Representation of International Views on the 2009 Iranian Election: A Study of BBC World News and Al Jazeera English
Mohd Faizal Kasmani
Abstract: This paper provides a comparative analysis on the news reporting style of BBC World News (BBCWN) and Al Jazeera English (AJE). BBCWN was selected to represent the mainstream Western group of global media traffic, and AJE was selected to represent the contra-flow group of global news media. The global event of the 2009 Iranian presidential election was chosen as a…
Role of Television in the Formation of Transcultural Identities
C.N. Eswari
Abstract: Negotiations of identity and conceptualisation of home has become a dynamic and complex process for people living in geographical locations different to their homeland. To overcome the trauma of geographical and cultural dislocations caused by migration, the diasporic communities cling on to the memories of their original homes. The advent of the satellite…
Emotional Arousal Drives Virality: An Exploratory Study on the Social Sharing of Domestic Political Videos by Malaysian Urban Internet Users
Hardip Singh Rekhraj & *Sheila Yvonne Jayasainan
Abstract: This exploratory study endeavours to investigate human emotions as a probable determinant of virality on online social networking sites, specifically during the campaigning period of the 13th Malaysian General Election (GE) (3 April – 4 May 2013). While numerous studies have been dedicated to unfolding the contributing factors of online virality, this research focuses on…
Customer Perception of Corporate Communication via Weblogs: A Case Study on a Budget Airline
*Cheah Shu Xu, G. V. Nair, P. Thinavan & Vincent Wee Eng Kim
Abstract: It is evident that the advent of new media has transformed the way corporations communicate with their stakeholders. Stakeholder engagement using weblogs, Facebook, Twitter and others are now the norm rather than the exception. Current research bears evidence that several businesses such as the airlines and hotel industry are using weblogs…
A Comparative Analysis on Hijab Wearing in Malaysian Muslimah Magazines
Nurzihan Hassim
Abstract: This paper examines the renewed perception of Muslim women through the attributes of two Malaysian Muslimah (female Muslim) magazines. Through the years, Islamic magazines have evolved but the objective to enrich Muslim women with religious knowledge is inextricably maintained. An example is Nur, a popular monthly magazine with a focus…
Framing the Malaysian Brain Drain: A Comparison between the Reporting Styles of The Star Online vs Malaysiakini
Winston Lim Teng Liang
Abstract: The brain drain phenomenon, otherwise known as human capital flight or human capital outflow, is an issue widely covered by both the mainstream and the alternative media. A 2011 World Bank report stated that Malaysians residing overseas are likely to have reached one million in 2010, a third of this figure (approximately 335,000) estimated as a result…