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Shallow or Rational Public Spheres? Indonesian Political Parties in the Twitter-Sphere
Steve Beers
Abstract: Despite the impressive democratic gains of the Indonesian political system since the fall of the authoritarian New Order regime, a noted weakness of the current political party system is the lack of clear ideological positions across parties and the difficulty that voters face in differentiating policy programs in order to hold parties accountable. Yet, with the increasing popularity…
Selective Exposure to Berita Harian Online and Utusan Malaysia Online: The Roles of Surveillance Motivation, Website Usability and Website Attractiveness
Nur Azimah Zulkafli, *Bahiyah Omar & Nor Hazlina Hashim
Abstract: News media allows audiences to be selective in determining both their news sources and type of news stories they read. This study examined factors influencing selective exposure to the online editions of two mainstream Malaysian newspapers, Berita Harian and Utusan Malaysia. Using selective exposure theory as the theoretical lens, this study compared both newspapers…
Motives As Predictors Of Facebook Addiction: Empirical Evidence From Somalia
*Ismail Sheikh Yusuf, Ahmed Dhaha & Abdikarim Barqadle Igale
Abstract: Facebook (FB) has increasingly become an essential part of the lives of people, particularly youths. Youths use this site extensively, mainly for fun, interacting with friends, making new friends, and keeping in touch with old friends. FB has become a big part of their daily routine, sometimes influencing them to neglect their duties and responsibilities. Guided by the uses…
Space, Mobility and Communication
Norhafezah Yusof
Abstract: This paper investigates the construction of city space and the ensuing communication problems. An ethnographic approach was employed in this study. Data was analysed using thematic analysis framework. The findings indicate that sterile space, mobile space and virtually-linked community led to the phenomenon of transcultural communication. Transcultural communication in this study involves hybridisation, which…