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Women’s Roles and Participation in Rituals in the Maintenance of Cultural Identity: A Study of the Malaysian Iyers
Lokasundari Vijaya Sankar
Abstract: This paper examines the roles and rituals practiced by Malaysian Iyer women. The Iyers are a small community of Tamil Brahmins who live and work mainly in the Klang Valley. As an Indian diasporic community, who moved to Malaysia from the early 1900s, they have been slowly shifting from Tamil to English and Malay. They are upwardly mobile and place great…
Gatekeeping in the Coverage of Interethnic Conflicts: An Analysis of Mainstream and Alternative Newspapers in Malaysia
*Yang Lai Fong & Md. Sidin Ahmad Ishak
Abstract: Ethnicity, religion and related issues have always proved to be a difficult topic for reporting in multicultural societies. This study examined the gatekeeping process undertaken by Malaysian newspapers in reporting interethnic conflicts. The gatekeeping theory was employed as the theoretical framework. Interviews with editors from the mainstream and alternative…
The Perceived Value of Silence and Spoken Words in Malaysian Interactions
*Kuang Ching Hei, Wong Ngan Ling & Maya Khemlani David
Abstract: This paper analysed the perceptions of Malaysians in engaging silence (say nothing) and in using spoken words (talk) as a tool of communication in their daily interactions. Types of topics and situations being discussed were explored in order to detect when silence or words were likely to be used by participants. Self-administered questionnaires were distributed to students and staff of three public universities. Of the 656 samples…
Critical Analysis Of Multiphernia and Identity in Two Selected Malaysian Novels
Hamid Farahmandian
Abstract: The texts that have been selected to analyse multiphrenia and identity issues are Green is the Color by Lloyd Fernando and Mr.Tang’s Girls by Shirley Lim. In this paper, I discuss how post-modern characteristics of self-creation define the protoganist’s identity while in the second novel, I explore the influence of patriarchal society on the shaping of the protagonist’s identity. The patriarchal…