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Beyond Arbitrary Labels: Understanding Ethnic Identity Development among Chindians
*Rona Chandran & Mohd Yahya Mohammed Ariffin
Abstract: Malaysia is home to many different ethnic groups. The historical past of the nation has greatly contributed to its multiethnic status today. The National Constitution and the National Principles of Malaysia has assured every citizen the right to religious and cultural freedom, allowing the nation to flourish as a multiethnic state that propagates unity within diversity. The social fabric of…
The Seoul Rubber Duck Project: An Ideological Dichotomy
André Kok
Abstract: An installation of Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s “Rubber Duck Project” was on display in Seoul for one month in the fall of 2014 with financial backing from Lotte Group, a large Korean conglomerate. While the installation drew much positive attention, many critics voiced concerns over Lotte using the delightful duck as a way to covertly redirect negative media attention concerning the ongoing construction of the Lotte World Tower and mall towards…
Featuring Poverty: An Analysis on the Knowledge Formation of Poverty During the Coverage of Philippine Calamities in 2013
*Karisha Anne E. Cruz & Carla Patrice S. Cucueco
Abstract: This study examines how knowledge on poverty is formed through news media during the coverage of the 2013 major calamities in the Philippines, particularly, Typhoon Santi, Bohol Earthquake and Super Typhoon Yolanda. We carried out content analysis to identify how the Philippine news media framed the causes and solutions to poverty experienced by victims of…
Televised Ecotopianism: An Ecocritical Analysis on Environmental Risk and Risk Reduction Discourses in Philippine Environmental Documentaries
Jason Paolo R. Telles
Abstract: Environmental and risk communication have become trends in many forms of mass media, including television. In the Philippines, local television stations have joined the bandwagon by producing their own versions of environmental programmes, for example, GMA Network’s award-winning broadcast documentaries such as Signos, Planet Philippines, Wildlife for Sale, and…
Family Leisure Affair: A Qualitative Study on Negotiating Leisure in Families with OFW Parent
*Mariam Jayne M. Agonos, May Pearl B. Bade, Marielle J. Cabuling & Jason V. Mercene
Abstract: In the Philippines, more than 10% of the total Filipino population is working overseas in order to provide a better future for their families. While the purpose of parental migration is for financial stability, the compositional change in the family can bring adverse effects on the children left behind. The sudden change in family composition, that is, having a parent away could…