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Social media fandom for health promotion? Insights from East Los High, a transmedia edutainment initiative
*Hua Wang, Weiai Xu, Gregory D. Saxton & Arvind Singhal
Abstract: As digital media technologies proliferate and social media spaces expand, how does one leverage popularity and cultivate fandom to promote health? Despite the easy entry, broad reach, and interactive features of social media such as Facebook and Twitter, health promoters are unsure how to meaningfully engage users and build lasting online communities. In this…
Determining media use competencies in media literacy curriculum design for the digital society: A modified 2-Wave Delphi method
*Sabariah Mohamed Salleh, Rosya Izyanie Shamshudeen, Wan Anita Wan Abas & Ezhar Tamam
Abstract: Media literacy is vital for the proper functioning and well-being of individuals in a democratic society. However, an equally important consideration which has not been adequately addressed is ensuring that the media literacy course syllabus in schools and universities are relevant to the needs and challenges of the contemporary society. A modified two-wave Delphi study…
Framing the bilateral relations between Malaysia and China: The news coverage of flight MH370
*Yang Lai Fong & Ramachandran Ponnan
Abstract: The mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 in March 2014 was a test of the bilateral relations between Malaysia and China. Two thirds of passengers on the flight were Chinese citizens. Immediately after the tragedy, many in China accused Malaysia of being incompetent, dubious and even deceitful due to its authorities’ missteps and contradictory…
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest ‘hunk’ of them all? Negotiating a masculine notion of skin whitening for Malaysian men
*Huey Fen Cheong & Surinderpal Kaur
Abstract: The increase in the number of men who have become more meticulous about their grooming and appearance, also known as metrosexuals, indicates that the beauty industry no longer focuses on females alone. While metrosexuality is making its presence felt in society, the increased sales of male fairness creams particularly in the East reveals another trend, male skin…
Exploring viewer experiences with sageuk K-dramas from a parasocial relations perspective
*Nurzihan Hassim, Sheila Yvonne Jayasainan & Nur Leila Khalid
Abstract: The formulaic content of Korean dramas or K-dramas, particularly from the resurging sageuk genre that integrates elements of history with modern twists of romance, has become more salient with viewers who find agency and opportunities for shared voices. This paper explores the significance of characters presented in sageuk K-dramas in shaping societal roles…
Expressions of hatred and the formation of spiral of anxiety on social media in Indonesia
Iswandi Syahputra
Abstract: In Indonesia, expressions of hatred on Twitter are initially understood as a manifestation of freedom of speech in the current democratic era. Subsequently, such expressions have been exploited as a means of conducting a smear campaign during Indonesia’s 2012 Regional Election, 2014 Presidential Election, and 2017 Jakarta Gubernatorial Election. This study found…
A content analysis of appeals in food advertisements for children on online tv streaming
*Belinda Fong Chong Lynn & Izzal Asnira Zolkepli
Abstract: The increasing number of obese children has doubled over the past two decades and represents a major public health problem everywhere in the world. This problem is escalated with easy Internet access, where online TV programming with unrestrained food advertisements are easily available to children. Recognising the increasing purchasing power of children, food marketers
Mindfulness: Exploring visitor and communication factors at Penang heritage sites
*Tan Poh Ling, Shuhaida Md. Noor, Hasrina Mustafa & Shaian Kiumarsi
Abstract: The mindfulness framework has been suggested as useful in explaining tourist learning, understanding and satisfaction. Mindfulness refers to the state of being aware and attentive of one’s environment and self while at the same time being able to suspend preconceived ideas and judgements to process new information. This study revisits the two categories…