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SEARCH Journal 2022 Volume 14 Issue 1 Preliminary
About The Journal
Aims & Scope: The aim of the SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research is to promote and enhance research development and debates in the field of media and communication research. It also serves as a forum for researchers and industry players who use research as the frame for social awareness and change. We welcome any submission of manuscripts throughout the year. Authors are invited to submit scholarly works on communication…
Persuasive political humour on social media: A study of Najib Razak’s Facebook posts
*Faizal Kasmani
Abstract: Social media has fostered new forms of political communication and participation. These communicative forms include wit, parody, sarcasm and memification. Politicians who attempt to enhance their popularity using a humorous tone in their online discourse, is watched by a broad audience. In doing so, they try to project a positive self-image to attract prospective voters. Using the former Malaysian prime minister, Dato’ Sri Najib Razak’s Facebook posts as a case study, this research …
Dear Free Malaysia Today — Your words matter: COVID-19 and its subtle rhetoric
*Normahfuzah Ahmad
Abstract: Content from alternative news media often challenges the status quo and is sometimes viewed as a platform for the oppressed or minorities. Similarly, alternative news media in Malaysia are often viewed within similar roles. This research aims to analyse other roles played by alternative news media in Malaysia in light of the crisis reporting on the COVID-19 pandemic. Numerous studies have studied issues of identity…
Public health intervention: Exploring crisis communication elements in media reports on COVID-19 in Bangladesh
*Habib Mohammad Ali, Oscar “Cling” Huesca Malaco, Jr.
Abstract: The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the public health, as well as the economic and sociocultural dimensions of many societies. By publishing news with various frames, the media plays an informative and discursive role in ensuring that the public stay informed and help one another in containing the virus and alleviating the adverse effects of the pandemic. This paper aims to explore the crisis communication elements in the media framing of COVID-19 in Bangladesh…
The Aristotelian ethos of Muhyiddin Yassin’s Prihatin (Care) Economic Stimulus Package speech
*Shahrill Ramli @ Romli, Abdul Muati @ Zamri Ahmad, Moniza Waheed, Hamisah Hasan
Abstract: This paper explores the ethos (characteristics of the speaker) of Malaysia’s 8th Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin based on the Prihatin Economic Stimulus Package Speech delivered during the Movement Control Order imposed by the government to flatten the COVID-19 pandemic curve. This paper is an attempt in analysing the speech delivered by Muhyiddin Yassin through a Neo-Aristotelian rhetorical criticism approach…
Antecedents of Facebook e-purchasing site and Social CRM: A Structural Equation Modeling from the customers’ perspectives
*Chinedu Eugenia Anumudu, Felix Chuks Ogbomeh, Megat Al Imran Yasin
Abstract: Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM) is gaining ground globally, especially in this era that demands cashless transactions for promoting social commerce and reducing the spread of COVID-19. However, in some emerging nations like Nigeria, Social CRM via Facebook from the customer’s perspective has not been researched widely. Therefore, this study aims to evaluate the antecedents of Facebook e-purchasing site and Social CRM…
Analysis of conflict: Online media coverage of the St. Lidwina Church incident
*Veronika, Bherta SE Murtiningsih
Abstract: News about religious intolerance in Indonesia lacks the appropriate nuances to minimise and resolve conflicts. Further, unbalanced coverage can have an impact on conflicts that recur. One of the events that attracted widespread attention in Indonesia was the St. Lidwina Church incident in Yogyakarta. This study used the perspective of peace journalism from McGoldrick and Lynch and applied the framing method from Entman to look at the exaggeration of certain aspects of….
Film censorship in Malaysia: Key issues and challenges of the system
*Simon Wood, Saw Tiong Guan, Magesan R. Ayavoo
Abstract: The Malaysian film censorship system is “state-based” in which censorship of films is done by entities established under the federal legislation and operates within the purview of the Executive. Censorship of films in Malaysia is governed by the Film Censorship Act 2002 and the decision to alter or ban a particular movie is decided by the Board of Censors, Appeal Committee, and the Minister of Home Affairs. The Act came into force on April 1, 2002, repealing and….
Subliminal mere exposure effects on the ageist attitude change among young adults
*Shamala Ramasamy, Sonia Khodabakhsh
Abstract: Ageism is a concept of age stereotype, in which an ageist attitude dictates how young people perceive the old. A negative ageist attitude gravitates to discrimination and condemnation towards the aged. Stereotypes are reinforced by frequent exposure to media contents. Since media contents have a significant impact on individual’s attitude, this experimental research aims to study the subliminal media in posing change on the ageist attitude…