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Moviegoers in Malaysia: The mediating effect of brand recall on product placement and purchase intentions
*Clarence Anthony Puspanathan, Khor Kheng Kia and Charles Ramendran SPR
Abstract: This deductive research investigated brand recall effect as a mediator in the relationship between plot-integrated product placement, auditory-stimulated product placement, and the consumer purchase intentions of the multi-ethnic cinema patrons in Peninsular Malaysia. Product placement has been a significant factor in shaping the purchasing decisions of moviegoers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds in Malaysia…
Building awareness for inclusivity through service-learning mass communication projects
*Chew Yuin-Y, Roslina Abdul Latif
Abstract: Inclusivity is not common when it comes to teaching a mix of children that are able-bodied and neurotypical. Toying with this idea coupled with the outcry of parents who have children with special needs but lack resources, the Inclusive Outdoor Classroom (TIOC) was established. TIOC was started in the front yard of the founder of the programme, Anne Sivanathan with a shoestring budget which came from donations. This is where a group of interested and caring parents, a cohort of volunteers, mainly…
Shame and shamelessness: Changing discourses in Najib Razak’s social media campaign
*Benjamin YH Loh, Vilashini Somiah & Sarah Ali
Abstract: After his political fall, former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has industriously worked to reinvent his public persona to regain political mileage. His campaign, “Malu Apa, Bossku?” (What is there to be ashamed about, my boss?), has allowed Najib to refashion himself as an everyman, a rebranding which resonated with and garnered support from certain segments of society, particularly younger Malay-Muslim supporters. While it is tempting to draw parallels with other right-wing…
The impact of social media advertising features on the purchase intention of the Malay millennial consumer
*Hamimda Agil, Abdul Latiff Ahmad and Arina Anis Azlan
Abstract: Social media is frequently utilised as a platform for marketing and advertising. As such, businesses invest a lot of time, money, and resources in social media advertising. However, there is always a challenge in designing social media advertising that successfully attracts people and motivates them to purchase their brands. This study was undertaken with the objective of gaining a deeper understanding of the impact of social media advertising elements on the purchase…
Perceptions and engagement of Klang Valley urbanites on COVID-19 PSAs during the pandemic
Suffian Hadi Ayub, Nurul Hanani Omar, Raja Putri Nadiah Raja Ahmad, Khairudin Murad, Suhaimee Saahar@Saabar & *Shifa Faizal
Abstract: Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, rampant misinformation about the virus has created large-scale panic and uneasiness among the Malaysian public. In response to this threat, the Malaysian government launched public service announcements (PSAs) on COVID-19 in various media to increase public awareness and knowledge, specifically on recommended solutions. The messages in the PSAs were tailored to underscore the various phases of the pandemic to persuade public…
The effect of personal locus in media literacy on youth’s interpretation of violent media messages
Leong Wai Kit, *Kho Suet Nie
Abstract: Media literacy is an important factor in determining how an individual internalises media messages which in turn, affect how they view the world. This paper expounds on how personal locus, an element of media literacy, affects the cognitive process of constructing and interpreting violent media messages. The focus of this study is youths between 15 and 19 years old as this age group is deemed the most susceptible to the effect of violent media messages. A total of 21 respondents were selected and…
Challenges of Malaysian journalists in reporting and misinformation on COVID-19
(2021 – 2022)
*Nur Haniz Mohd Nor
Abstract: During the COVID-19 pandemic, journalists took on the challenging task of gathering and distributing accurate information. Journalists exist as part of an ecology in which their work influences and is influenced by the environment. Using the framework of disaster communication ecology, this study explores the challenges of Malaysian journalists in news reporting and misinformation on the pandemic from 2021–2022. To this end, six journalists from different media organizations and news…
Facebook vs. Twitter: Social media platform selection for news consumption among undergraduate students
*Nur Widad Roslan, Normaliza Abd Rahim, Tuan Muhammad Hanif Tuan Ab Hamid, Nur Maisarah Roslan, Siti Nur Aliaa Roslan
Abstract: Social media platforms are used by various age groups. Each social media platform has its own targeted age group, as the user’s preference for interface, content and visual varies. Therefore, it is important to identify the preference of age group. Metadiscourse is a term for words that are used in a sentence to indicate the direction and purpose of a text. Each social media platform has different types of metadiscourse, depending on the audience. Hence, the objective of this study is to…
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