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Sustainability Indicators in Hotels: A Systematic Literature Review

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Mohamed Reem, S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh and Nelum Rajika Wijesinghe Sara

Abstract: In recent years, the concept of sustainability has gained rapid attention in global initiatives, including in research endeavours where concerns over sustainability remain key. Notably, the hotel industry in the hospitality sector has jumped on the bandwagon of sustainable development. However, little is known about the tools of measuring green indicators governing the sustainable practices of the global hotel industry. This paper aims to review and summarise the current literature on sustainability indicators in hotels using a systematic literature review. Through a systematic search of articles published in the Scopus database until May 2020, this study contributes to the body of knowledge by introducing and categorising the existing sustainability indicators used within the hotel sector. Furthermore, it highlights the trends and practices of sustainability indicators in hotels. This work’s findings can help hotel managers to identify sustainability practices that can be adopted for hotel operations to reduce water and energy consumption as well as to obtain better economic and social results.

Keywords: Hotels sector, sustainability indicators, systematic literature review