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Challenges of Malaysian journalists in reporting and misinformation on COVID-19
(2021 – 2022)

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

*Nur Haniz Mohd Nor


During the COVID-19 pandemic, journalists took on the challenging task of gathering and distributing accurate information. Journalists exist as part of an ecology in which their work influences and is influenced by the environment. Using the framework of disaster communication ecology, this study explores the challenges of Malaysian journalists in news reporting and misinformation on the pandemic from 2021–2022. To this end, six journalists from different media organizations and news desks were interviewed to get their perspectives regarding their challenges in news reporting and misinformation during the pandemic. Five themes — struggles in gathering news on COVID-19, Work from Home and follow-ups, database of sources, downsizing of media outlets and creativity of journalists — emerged from the interviews and are discussed in this paper. The study also looks at how journalists think of misinformation and how the public should be more active in their fact-checking.

Keywords: Malaysian journalists, news reporting, journalism, challenges, COVID-19