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Evaluating the Economic Impact of Sports Tourism in Buriram, Thailand, Mixed Method Study with DID Estimation

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Worapong Wongsanun, Somruthai Soontayatron & Touchanun Komonpaisarn


The mixed-method study examines the impact of sports tourism development in Buriram by applying an econometric model, difference-in-differences estimation technique (DID). This technique examined Buriram economic and tourism data with the neighborhood provinces by comparing the before and after treatment effects. The impact assessment was confirmed by qualitative techniques of in-depth interview and focus group discussion with Buriram residents’ perceptions and impact on the sports tourism development. The results revealed that sports tourism development in Buriram, commencing in 2011 to 2018, significantly influenced the increment of tourism revenue ranging from 16.7% to 21.5%. The residents’ perception agrees with sports tourism’s economic benefits through the economic factors, which are employment and income generation, job variation increase, business and economic growth, city and sports facility development, and tax revenue and land price increase. Indirect economic impacts discovered were the higher turnover, new business administration to keep up with the development, and the labour movement of the locals to return to their hometown for work.

Keywords: sports tourism, economic impact, impact evaluation, Difference-in-differences, DID estimation