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Fortifying Organisational Commitment Through Job-related and Personal Resources: Evidence from the Indian Hotel Industry

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Santoshi Sengupta, Anand Verma and Ajay Kumar Saini


In recent times, it has become critical for Indian hotels to determine the level of organisational commitment (OC) of their employees and to examine the role of the job and personal resources, in order to capitalise on their human assets’ full potential. This paper aims to determine what and how job-related and personal resources have an impact on the OC of employees working in the Indian hotel industry. Data collected from 236 hotel employees was statistically analysed, and the analysis showed strong relationships among job resources, personal resources, and OC. Personal resources explained a greater variance in OC compared to job resources, which suggested that jobs in the Indian hotel industry should involve the employees with greater personal resources so as to help them manage the job demands effectively, perform better and, eventually, show greater levels of OC. The present study adds to the existing theoretical foundations regarding OC in the Indian hotel industry, and this can help practitioners to make robust managerial decisions in recruitment, selection, and training.

Keywords: Job resources, personal resources, organisational commitment (OC), Indian hotel industry