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Importance-Performance Analysis of Phuket’s Cruise Port in Thailand

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Ranee Esichaikul & Rochaporn Chansawang 


Cruise tourism in Asia is growing rapidly. Phuket has supported cruise tourism as a port of call for various cruise lines for decades. The addition of more destinations in Asia for cruise visits and the deployment of mega cruise ships by the cruise industry has placed increasing pressure on Phuket to improve its port facilities. The mix-method study examines the importance and performance levels of Phuket’s home port factors, from the supply side perspective, by employing Importance-Performance Analysis (IPA). A detailed review of literature was carried out, focusing on multiple factors affecting home port selection, competitiveness and potential development. Semi-structured interviews were conducted to identify and confirm the extracted potential factors of cruise home ports that might otherwise be missed. A face-to-face questionnaire was then designed to gather opinions from key stakeholders on 35 home port factors involving 4 dimensions. Importance-Performance Analysis was used for data analysis. The results show that the total importance level for home port factors is the highest, while the total performance level for home port factors is lowest. The results of IPA reveal that cruise home port factors that scored high importance and good performance are mainly tourism products and services, along with a few home port conditions. However, factors that require focus are mainly home port conditions. 

Keywords: Cruise home port factor, Importance-Performance Analysis, Phuket, Thailand