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Perceptions of Selected Attributes in Tourism Management of Music Festivals: A Case Study of Pattaya Music Festival 2012

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Samart Plangpramool


A music festival serves as a dynamic activity in tourism as it draws a large number of visitors to festival venues, creating greater tourism related businesses. According to Lea (2006) tourist studies have predominantly considered music festivals in terms of motivations of attendees or revenue generation. Stebbins (1979; 1996; 1997a;1997b) has also stated that festivals often attract targeted tourists, actively attending the event as an art form or socialisation. Considering that tourism, arts and music festivals are linked, it is generally accepted that performing arts and the music festivals are now a worldwide tourism phenomenon. This research focuses on the most positive, as well as least positive aspects and the attributes which should be improved regarding the music festival at Pattaya through a study of respondents at the Pattaya Music festival 2012. Particularly, it examines respondents’ satisfaction with regard to Logistics and Direction, Artistic Direction, Marketing and Communication and Participation in Tourism. The information was collected through administering a questionnaire to 100 respondents to understand the relationship between attributes and satisfaction. Study results indicate that respondents who attended the event were satisfied with regard to the given attributes. The results would be useful for the public and private tourism organisations, as well as event organisers of music festivals to ensure an an effective, enjoyable event.

Keywords: Perception, attributes, tourism management, music festival