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Restaurant Customers Awareness Level on the Benefits of Using ‘Luto Sa Palayok’ in Filipino Cuisine

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Marivic Delos Santos, Reymarie Lobo, Arthur Digman, Ronalyn Pereňa, Rosszen Yorka Rivera Tuazon & Andrew Nico Pilapil 


The purpose of the study is to conduct survey in the restaurant customer’s awareness level on the benefits of using ‘Luto Sa Palayok’ in Filipino Cuisine. It introduce the local clay pot of the Philippines called “ palayok” and its benefit as a cooking utensil. ‘it investigates the perceived health factors associated with the use of the clay pot’ Descriptive research design was used in the study, and a survey questionnaire was distributed to the participants of the selected restaurants that utilized palayok in cooking. Descriptive statistics such as frequency counts, mean, range and percentages were calculated and interpreted to answer the objectives of the study. The result of the study revealed that customers of each restaurant are highly aware about the nutritional benefit of using clay pot. It enhances the quality of food in terms of taste and presentation. It was concluded that most of the customers in selected restaurants are highly aware about the different usage of clay pot and its effectiveness in cooking. The recommendations made were based from the findings of the customer’s level of awareness. It was revealed that during the Focus Group Discussion, the restaurant owner and managers provided their own way of promoting palayok in cooking and serving most of the Filipino dishes. They added that Filipino food is more appropriate to be cooked and served in palayok

Keywords: Advantage, enhance, effectiveness, palayok, cooking