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Sustainable Tourism Development in Vietnam: A case of Hue

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Abhishek Singh Bhati, Thanh Hung Nguyen, Anandita Goswami and Zilmiyah Kamble


This study aims to further integrate sustainability into the social and cultural practices of Hue. It offers an analysis of current strategies that inform decision-making in Hue’s tourism sector and makes suggestions that could further improve the existing policies. Even though Hue is a city with great potential, it is facing a number of challenges brought on by environmental degradation and uncontrolled urbanisation. Researchers point to a number of issues that impede the social, economic, and environmental development of Hue. Attention is paid to cultural events and sustainable urban development. Findings suggest that current cultural preservation efforts offer a solid foundation for future cultural development though community participation and cultural education are needed to facilitate further growth. This descriptive study employs comprehensive literature review and the Four Sphere sustainability framework to guide data collection and analysis. Further, thematic analysis is used to interpret the various aspects of the current tourism development strategies in Hue. This holistic approach highlights how different policy decisions within Hue guide the destination’s development and its ability to preserve and support its human, natural and cultural capitals.

Keywords: Hue, Vietnam; Four Sphere framework, cultural tourism, sustainability, tourism development