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The Determinants of In-role Performance: An Empirical Analysis of the Hospitality Industry in Pakistan

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Zahra Masood Bhutta, Gulnaz Afzal, Khadim Hussain & Muhammad Saim Hashmi 


The concept of in-role performance refers to the individual behaviour that performs the duties required by a job. By examining the determinants of in-role performance in the hotel industry, the present study questions if in-role performance serves as a function of employee’s well-being with pro-social behaviour where employees serve, share and collaborate with others. For this purpose, individual guanxi, perceived support from organisation, job involvement and leader-member exchange were examined as predictors of in-role performance amongst 400 employees from leading chain hotels in Pakistan. This phenomenon is significant in the service sector since job involvement greatly impacts in-role performance especially amongst hotel employees. Findings show that the examined factors are significantly and positively related to each other. The practical implications would be helpful for hotel management who want to enhance the job involvement and job performance of their employees. 

Keywords: Individual guanxi, leader-member exchange, perceived organisational support, job involvement, in-role performance