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The Impact of Measure and Time on Quality Wine-Food Pairing

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

M. Thashneem Thaqseen Bhanu & Prasanna Kumar J.P. 


Matching wine with food is a process to enhance the dining experience. In recent days, the food and wine pairing has been a modern art and fostering an industry of books and media with guidelines for pairing of particular food and wine. This study focussed to analyse the attributes which enhances the wine – food combinations, taking into consideration the three main attributes namely, the measure of wine and food, exact time taken to record one’s wine and food appreciation and the time gap between each wine-food pairing. The study involved 21 respondents (group of students) from Bangalore between the age group of 21 – 25 years (Millennials) who examined and analysed the food and wine combination. The study examined 4 Indian wines with 2 types of matching Indian food. The findings of the study were: the right measure of wine for food – wine pairing is 30 ml, right amount of food is 15 gm, the ideal time gap between each food and wine paring is 5 minutes in order to avoid palate fatigue and the exact time taken by each respondent to taste and record their appreciation is 60 seconds (1 minute). The limitations of the study are the paper involves a smaller sample size of only 21 respondents. The study focused only on the millennial group who live in Bangalore. The study involved Indian food and Indian wine pairing. Thus the results of the study could not be generalised for the whole country or state. The further studies which plan to have a formal wine – food pairing session can use the results of this study which proves the accurate measure of food and wine required along with the exact timing to avoid palate fatigue and enhance the pairing. 

Keywords: Wine – food pairing, millennial wine consumption, palate fatigue, Indian wine, Indian food. measure of wine and food