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The Mediating Role of Destination Image on Sports Tourism Event Attributes and Behavioural Intention

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Dhiya Hikmahana Abdul Razak

Abstract: This research examines the relationship between sports tourism event attributes (access quality, accommodation quality and venue quality) and international participant revisit intention. Furthermore, this study attempts to explore the influence of destination image as a mediator between the relationship of sports tourism event attributes and behavioural intention. Sports events is one way to add the attractiveness of a destination for new markets as well as first-time and repeat visitors. However, there is a relatively scarce amount of adequate research regarding sports events and destination image. A variety of standard statistical analyses was employed including reliability test, descriptive analysis using mean score and multiple regressions approach to explore the relationship between the dependent variables and independent variables. For this study, a questionnaire was distributed to international participants who joined running events at Putrajaya, Malaysia. The findings from this study demonstrate that destination image does mediate the relationship between sports tourism event attributes and behavioural intention to join similar future events. However, access quality and accommodation quality are not significant predictors of overall behavioural intention while only venue quality demonstrates a significant relationship with behavioural intention to revisit similar events.

Keywords: Sports tourism event, destination image, behavioural intention