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Tourism Impacts on Destinations: Insights from a Systematic Review of Literature

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Atchara Salee, S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh & Camelia May Li Kusumo

Abstract: This paper aims to systematically review and analyse the current research on tourism impacts on destinations for the period 2016–2020. The study evaluated 80 published articles selected from the Scopus database to identify the types of tourism impacts and subthemes to indicate their pattern. The majority of the studies examined economic, sociocultural, and environmental dimensions, both positively and negatively. Often, the political, technological, and tourism aspects were neglected. Moreover, the most used theory to study tourism impact is Social Exchange Theory (SET). In addition, this study highlights the use of quantitative research to analyse tourist impact on destinations. Equally important, the study finds that the majority of scholars explored tourism impact based on residents’ perceptions. The findings suggest directions for future studies on tourism impacts and provide practical implications to manage tourism development in destinations in a sustainable manner.

Keywords: impacts of tourism on destinations, economic impacts, sociocultural impacts, environmental impacts, political impacts, technological impacts