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Analysis of conflict: Online media coverage of the St. Lidwina Church incident

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

*Veronika, Bherta SE Murtiningsih


News about religious intolerance in Indonesia lacks the appropriate nuances to minimise and resolve conflicts. Further, unbalanced coverage can have an impact on conflicts that recur. One of the events that attracted widespread attention in Indonesia was the St. Lidwina Church incident in Yogyakarta. This study used the perspective of peace journalism from McGoldrick and Lynch and applied the framing method from Entman to look at the exaggeration of certain aspects of reality by four online media outlets (Cnnindonesia.com, Republika.co.id, Detikcom, Tribunnews.com). The analysis of 118 news articles show that these media implemented the principle of peace journalism in some aspects: (1) they avoided a conflict involving two parties fighting on one particular problem; (2) they avoided treating the conflict as if it only occurred at the particular time and place of violence but, failed to avoid (a) highlighting the chronology of the incident; (b) the use of emotional words; (c) the use of adjectives such as “cruel”, “brutal”, and “barbaric”; (d) the use of labels such as “terrorist” and “extremist”

Keywords: Framing, news, peace journalism, online media, local values.