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Hospitality Emergency Management and The Dirty Twelve: A Dozen Reasons for Failure

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Ahmad Rasmi AlBattat, Ahmad Puad Mat Som & Chiang, Li-Ting 


The hospitality industry is highly vulnerable to emergencies and disastrous events. Related studies show that this industry reflects a lack of preparedness in crisis situations. Efforts should be well planned and organised under normal conditions rather than unexpected phenomena. This paper aims to shed light on issues related to emergency preparedness and responses to man-made crises and natural disasters and lists twelve main failures when dealing with uncertainties. The hospitality industry needs to prevent accidents with effective emergency preparedness and be prepared to overcome the aftermath or minimise the effects. Using secondary data from books, journals, and previous studies, this study illustrates new methods regarding the role of emergency management in the hospitality industry and presents twelve failures in dealing with uncertain events. The results of this study expound that by avoiding the dirty twelve, the hospitality industry could mitigate negative impacts. Finally, the importance of good planning efforts, organised personnel, and sufficient funds will clear any ambiguity in saving properties and lives. 

Keywords: Hospitality, emergency management, Dirty Twelve, Failure Dozen.