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Book Review: Woods, M. (2011). Rural. S. Holloway & G. Valentine(Ed.) 1st ed., 336p. New York: Routledge

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Vikneswaran Nair & Natalie King

What do we understand by the term, ‘rural’? The segmentation of ‘rural’ and ‘urban’
has been deeply engrained in our culture. History has shown that the term rural has
been ascribed many connotations and denotations – as a source of food and energy;
as a pristine wilderness or as a rustic paradise; as a playground or a place of escape; as a delicate space of nature in need of protection; and as a primitive place in need of
transformation. But how relevant and significant is the idea of the rural today?
In his book, Rural, Michael Woods mainly focused on developed nations’
ideologies of what is rural even though the author mentioned that case studies of
developing countries would be acknowledged. The book provides an advanced
understanding of the study of rural places geographically and in related disciplines.
Hence, the main target audience are academics and researchers in the fields of
geography, sociology and anthropology. The author compiled and critically reviewed
several authors’ work in light of providing a clear usage and meaning of spatial
concepts of rural.