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An Exploratory Study of Small Accommodation-based Tourism Firms in Australia
Darren Lee-Ross
Abstract: This paper seeks to identify the existence and nature of small accommodation-based tourism firms in Far North Queensland, Australia. In this study, a telephone interview was conducted with 51 owner/ entrepreneurs in Far North Queensland Australia. Questions were based on an aggregated set of lifestyle firm markers grounded in the earlier…
Small is Beautiful? A Perspective of Beach Tourism at Ta Wan Beach on Koh Larn, Thailand
Adarsh Batra
Abstract: Tourism authorities that understand issues that influence visitor experiences of island destinations can propose effective strategies that maximize visitor satisfaction. A case study was carried out in December 2011, aimed at ascertaining the opinion of international tourists about beach landscape, their beach experiences, views on setting, facilities and activities…
Perceived Image of Chinese Restaurants in the United States
Aijing Liu, Bill Ryan & Hailin Qu
Abstract: The authors investigated customer perceptions of Chinese restaurants in the United States using a closed-ended questionnaire and systematic sampling with a 15-attribute measurement of customer opinion in a Midwest college town. The results of the study indicate that external…
Unlocking Opportunities for Displaced Communities: Can Tourism Offset Conservation Costs?
Agnes Sirima & Mathew Ladslaus
Abstract: This paper emanates from the research on the Usangu Plains in Tanzania to illustrate community benefits from nature-based tourism enterprises as a link between income generation and conservation. Following park expansions which left the majority of communities landless and short of livelihood activities, communities are now seeking…
A Competitive Study of Malaysian Towns and Cities: View of Domestic Tourists
Shida Irwana Omar, Badaruddin Mohamed & Gelareh Abooali
Abstract: Realising that tourism is a fragile sector, many tourist destinations compete with each other to remain relevant in the global tourism market. A successful destination must be able to provide diverse tourism products and better quality experience than others and more importantly meet the tourists’ expectations. This paper aims to measure the level of…
Analysis of International Tourists’ Perceptions of Indonesia and Effectiveness of the ‘Visit Indonesia 2008’ Marketing Campaign
Scott Richardson & Fanggy Theresia Sumaco
Abstract: This paper investigates tourist perceptions of Indonesia as a tourist destination and examines the impact of the ‘Visit Indonesia 2008’ marketing campaign on their purchase intentions. A quantitative survey was developed and 400 questionnaires were distributed to foreign passengers who were departing Indonesia from the three major international…
Book Review: Woods, M. (2011). Rural. S. Holloway & G. Valentine(Ed.) 1st ed., 336p. New York: Routledge
Vikneswaran Nair & Natalie King
What do we understand by the term, ‘rural’? The segmentation of ‘rural’ and ‘urban’ has been deeply engrained in our culture. History has shown that the term rural has been ascribed many connotations and denotations – as a source of food and energy; as a pristine wilderness or as a rustic paradise; as a playground or a place of escape; as a delicate space of…
Great Expectations: Building Research Capacity in Vocational Tourism and Hospitality Institutes
Alana Harris & Paul Kloppenborg
Abstract: Significant changes are taking place in post-secondary tourism and hospitality education in Australia. Along with an expansion of degree offerings by universities, vocationally focused degrees are also emerging from Vocational Education and Training (VET) organisations also registered as Higher Education Providers (HEP). Among the…
The Australian Tourists’ Travel Motivation and Pre- and Post-Images of The Philippines as their Destination
Allan B. de Guzman, Belinda V. de Castro, Josephine Fatima V. Calanog, Apple Joanne R. Taguinin, Jay Rhyan S. Afalla, Anna Lorraine R. Aldover & Marie Toni C. Gotangco
Abstract: This quantitative study aims to identify the travel motivation and the pre- and post-images of 205 Australian tourists of the Philippines as their destination. Data were gathered, using the multi-aspect researcher-made instrument (Cronbach Alpha Test = 0.97). Respondents were first made to fill in a ‘robotfoto’ for purposes of profiling their baseline characteristics. They were later asked to rate the listed indicators, using…
Email as a Customer Service Tool: An Investigation into Email Reply Quality of Malaysian Hotels
Noor Hazarina Hashim
Abstract: This exploratory research applied the Diffusion of Innovations theory to investigate email presence and examine the quality of email reply by 530 Malaysian hotels. Of the 530 hotels, only 359 hotels provided email information on their website and 167 replied to the mock email. This study used content analysis technique to measure the quality of email response based…
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