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Building awareness for inclusivity through service-learning mass communication projects

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

*Chew Yuin-Y, Roslina Abdul Latif


Inclusivity is not common when it comes to teaching a mix of children that are able-bodied and neurotypical. Toying with this idea coupled with the outcry of parents who have children with special needs but lack resources, the Inclusive Outdoor Classroom (TIOC) was established. TIOC was started in the front yard of the founder of the programme, Anne Sivanathan with a shoestring budget which came from donations. This is where a group of interested and caring parents, a cohort of volunteers, mainly university students, began their work. At its foundation, TIOC provides training of volunteers who assist with direct and indirect services, advocacy work to raise awareness about inclusion as well as engagement with parents and the community. Children with disabilities and young people who are enrolled would have an environment that would welcome them regardless of their disability of Down Syndrome, autism, and cerebral palsy, just to name a few.

Keywords: The Inclusive Outdoor Classroom, children with disabilities, inclusiveness, awareness, engagement of parents, volunteers