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The Traditional Tattoos of the Philippine Cordillera Region: A Study on their differences in Appearance, Causes and Discursive Strengths
Janette P. Calimag, Reynele Bren G. Zafra, Lady Aileen G. Ambion & *F.P.A. Demeterio III
Abstract: This paper attempts to investigate the historical culture and practice of traditional tattooing in the Philippine Cordillera region by synoptically looking at them in the context of the eight major ethnolinguistic groups in this said region, namely: 1) the Ibaloy, 2) Kankana-ey, 3) Ifugao, 4) Bontok, 5) Southern Kalinga, 6) Northern Kalinga, 7) Itneg, and 8) Isneg. This paper is premised…
A Test of Technology Acceptance Model in the Use of Social Media among PR Practitioners in Nigeria
*Mukhtar El-Kasim & Syed Arabi Idid
Abstract: Many public relations scholars believed that, the emergence of social media has accentuated the public relations practice in recent times. Social media provides public relations practitioners opportunities for creating, sharing, posting, documenting as well as interacting communication content on the net between organizations and their key public members…
Framing Diplomatic Relations: A Comparative Analysis of Malaysian and Chinese Newspapers Coverage of Najib’s Visit to China
*Teoh Yong Chia, Yang Lai Fong & David Hock Jin NEO
Abstract: News media play an important role in diplomacy. Hence, when dealing with diplomatic relations, a question of how these media portray the messages of their countries’ leaders is the major concerns of this study. The news coverage of Najib’s visit to China is examined comparatively across Malaysian and Chinese newspapers. By employing framing as the theoretical framework…
Journalism Education in Bangladesh: In Search for An Integrated Curricula Framework
*Mohammad Sahid Ullah & Rawshon Akhter
Abstract: This article is concerned with a lack of an agreed framework for the curriculum of journalism education in Bangladesh. Starting from the want of any agreement between educators and professionals, which has hindered its journalism education as a mature discipline in Western higher education, the article argues that a lack of agreed values and beliefs about the journalism profession itself still persists in Bangladesh. Examining the existing…
The Socialization of Hijab Culture among Malaysian Media Consumers
*Nurzihan Hassim, Md Sidin Ahmad Ishak & Shahreen Mat Nayan
Abstract: Veiling or wearing the hijab is a practice of Islamic faith. As a Muslim country, the progressive socio-political and economic landscape in Malaysia prescribed predominantly Malay women as proponents of the hijab in various communication channels. In this study, the identity of Malay-Muslim women is explored through representations of the hijab…
Colonial Cosmopolitanism of the Peranakan World Seen in the Grave Art of Bukit Brown Cemetery
David Hock Jin NEO
Abstract: This paper will attempt to construct and explore the colonial cosmopolitanism of the Peranakan world up to the turn of the 20th century, particularly through the material culture and aesthetics of the Straits Chinese tombs at Bukit Brown Cemetery (Singapore). The unique grave art found at Bukit Brown displays the most cosmopolitan features and influences…
The Representation of Government Agencies in the Health Debates on Radio Frequency (RF) Exposure in Malaysia
*Prasana Rosaline Fernandez, Surinderpal Kaur & Ng Kwan Hoong
Abstract: Government departments and agencies are an important stakeholder group in risk communication specifically on environmental risks as they are directly involved in the implementation of guidelines and policies and in the communication of relevant initiatives to the public. Entrusted with policy-making and legislative powers, they therefore play a crucial role in the rising health debates…
Chinese Culture and Customs in Peranakan Funerals in Malaysia and Singapore
*Lokasundari Vijaya Sankar, David Hock Jin Neo & Antoon De Rycker
Abstract: The Peranakan community is studied in a qualitative manner to understand and document the customs and traditions that underlie the Peranakan funeral. This research was informed and guided by Social Identity Theory (Tajfel and Turner, 1979a), which explores the meanings associated with being members of a social group. Social identity theorists have argued that…
A Transgressive Voice in a Restrictive Media Environment: A Study of Sinar Harian Coverage of the 2013 Malaysian General Election
Mohd Faizal Kasmani
Abstract: Malaysian newspapers have a responsibility to be catalysts for national development. For that reason, newspapers in Malaysia are expected to not challenge the state and to partner the state toward nation-building. Although mainstream media in Malaysia are restricted by the state, this does not completely exclude more transgressive modes pushed by challengers. One of the newspapers that…
Young Adult Malaysian Consumers’ Attitude and Purchase Intentions of CSR Supported Grocery Brands
*Thinavan Periyayya, Dr. G. V. Nair, Raduan Shariff, Zachary Roland & Dr. Thanaseelan
Abstract: Environment and people considerations have become a major focus of business organizations in Malaysia and around the world. Both considerations fall under the new corporate social responsibility (CSR) catchphrase – People, Planet and Profits. CSR is concerned with business responsibilities beyond profit-maximisation (Dodd & Supa, 2011). The main purpose…
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