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Effect of celebrity endorsers in advertising in Indonesia: A review of consumer-celebrity relations

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080



Marketers use celebrities to influence consumer-purchasing decisions with the aim to increase sales and expand their product market share. This study intends to measure the influence of consumer demographic factors on their attitude towards supporting/remaining neutral/rejecting celebrities as endorsers. In particular, it examines seven celebrity attributes (trustworthiness, expertise, similarity, familiarity, likeability, appropriateness, and conformity) that have the most influence on purchasing decisions, as well as the role of consumer attitude in the relationship between celebrity brand-fit and purchasing decision. A sample of ten celebrity endorsers were selected based on a recall test conducted on 100 respondents. The ten celebrities are artists, mostly singers and film players. All celebrities are Indonesians except Black Pink from South Korea. Primary data were obtained through a structured questionnaire with a 5-point Likert scale distributed online to a sample consisting of 464 respondents, domiciled in Jakarta and its surrounding areas, selected with a convenience sampling method. The findings show that age and gender have a significant influence on consumer attitude towards supporting/ remaining neutral/rejecting celebrity endorsers while education and income do not have any significant influence. Three endorser attributes carry a significant influence on purchase intention with trust as the strongest followed by expertise and similarity. There was a significant effect of celebrity brand-fit on purchasing decisions that was moderated by attitudes towards endorsers.

Keywords: advertising, celebrity, consumer, endorser, Indonesia