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Essence of Ethics in Communication in a Global Climate

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

Geetanee Napal


The implications of unethical conduct can no longer be overlooked if the intention is to protect one’s reputation, hence the importance of having detailed codes of ethics and quality communication devices in business. The cultivation of a moral culture through appropriate modes of communication is a necessary condition if the business corporation is to preserve its reputation and maintain good business relations worldwide. Good communication is a pre-condition if this is to be achieved as ethical differences may arise from divergences in culture across borders. New demands associated with globalisation incorporate a need for greater vision, creativity and quality communication, and therefore requiring the essence of ethics in communication. Often, miscommunication distorts information, with the potential to lead to ethical issues that can be costly to the business entity. At a micro-level, corporate codes of ethics should complement communication. While business partners fulfil their responsibility towards their stakeholders, it is the duty of CEOs to foster corporate social responsibility and sustain efforts towards the convergence of ethics by providing the necessary infrastructure at the organisational level. This includes putting in place appropriate communication mechanisms and ensuring adherence to codes of ethics. Such initiatives would help maintain healthy business relations while contributing to sustained competitive advantage and economic growth. This paper focuses on how to potentially foster ethics and socially responsible behaviour through good communication.

Keywords: Ethics, business, communication, socially responsible behaviour, globalisation