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Forum Theatre as a Behavior Change Strategy: Qualitative Findings from Moral Education Class

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

*Nadarajan Thambu & Muhammad Hasbi Abdul Rahman


This paper examines the use of a Forum Theatre technique in Moral Education class in secondary schools. Forum Theatre was used as a teaching technique for Moral Education in this study. Forum Theater techniques require students to be actively involved in the process of writing the script, and the dialogue, and be involved in the forum, acting and expressing ideas. This experiential teaching techniques provide opportunities for students to be aware, see things critically, find solutions to moral conflicts and develop as prospective citizens who are proactive and have a positive moral attitude. Students were involved in four steps of Forum Theatre.These four steps were, (a) develop a script, (b) anti-model play, (c) forum, and (d) intervention play. This study was conducted using qualitative approach. Data was collected through observation, focus group interviews and journal entries. Data collected using multiple methods were analysed using thematic analysis. The findings show that Forum Theatre is able to develop positive moral behaviour among students. Among the moral behavior identified are performing tasks responsibly, working together, being tolerant of each other, being skilled in resolving conflicts rationally, being courageous, being independent, and helping each other. In realizing the goals of our nation’s moral education programs, this study has implications for teaching techniques, student learning and moral pedagogy beyond the field of theatre.

Keywords: pedagogy, technique, moral education, forum theatre, qualitative