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Framing the Malaysian Brain Drain: A Comparison between the Reporting Styles of The Star Online vs Malaysiakini

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

Winston Lim Teng Liang


The brain drain phenomenon, otherwise known as human capital flight or human capital outflow, is an issue widely covered by both the mainstream and the alternative media. A 2011 World Bank report stated that Malaysians residing overseas are likely to have reached one million in 2010, a third of this figure (approximately 335,000) estimated as a result of the brain drain. This paper compares the reporting style of The Star Online, a mainstream English language online news portal with that of Malaysiakini, an alternative news portal using content analysis. This study employed framing as a theoretical framework to observe how the two news portals potrayed the brain drain phenomenon and related issues as well as the most prominent frames used in their news reporting.

Keywords: brain drain, framing analysis, human capital outflow, emigration, online media