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Gossip as a medium of informal communication: A measurement model of gossip engagement at the workplace

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

*Wan Yusoff Wan Shaharuddin, Mokhtarrudin Ahmad, Suhaida Omar, Yasmin See


The presence of gossip in day-to-day communication has made this practice a common phenomenon among the members of society. Even though the sources are disputable, the inclination to engage in gossip as an informal communication medium indicates that it is still highly regarded as one of the strategies for getting information instantaneously. This study aims to develop a measurement model of Gossip Engagement by utilising four measurements: Positive Job-related Gossip, Negative Non-Job-related Gossip, Negative-Job-related Gossip, and Positive Non-Job-related Gossip adapted from the Workplace Gossip Scale (WGS). A total of 187 respondents participated voluntarily during the pilot test procedure. Principal component analysis and varimax rotation were conducted in the exploratory factor analysis procedure.

Keywords: Informal communication, gossip engagement, workplace gossip scale, confirmatory factor analysis, measurement model