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Influence of satirical media content on orientation to politics among Nigerian youths

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

*Lambe Kayode Mustapha, Bahiyah Omar & Shukurat Abiola Atoloye


This study investigates the political enculturation roles of mediated political satire and comedy in a developing democratic milieu. Amidst anxieties and controversies about whether increasing dominance of political satire in the media intensifies political apathy or stimulate political interest among the youth, we surveyed 366 undergraduates in two universities in North Central Nigeria to test the predictive power of exposure to mediated political satire on young people’s political knowledge and attitude towards politics. Findings confirm the pedagogical utility of political satire for youth political socialisation and the ability of the content to prime positive orientation to politics. Importantly, the media with higher democratic features are found to be better predictors of youth political behaviour, through mediated political satire, than state-owned and elite-dominated mainstream media. These results highlight the need to intensify democratisation of the media space in order to attract cynical youths who are critical to sustenance and consolidation of democratic values in the African largest democracy.

Keywords: mediated political satire, comedy, politics, public affairs, Nigerian youths