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Mapping Zone of Tolerance from Destination Atmospherics

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

Arup Kumar Baksi 


The concept of zone of tolerance is quite complex as it delves deep into the cognitive spread of consumers which determines the level of acceptance or rejection of services. Thus for service marketers, the deterministic impact of zone of tolerance may play a critical role towards acceptance/ rejection of services based on quality, delivery, physical evidence and employee interaction. Research on zone of tolerance thus far has been restricted to the identification of the stretch limit using empirical evidence of retail customers. The subtle variation in the psychological perception of services and vis-a-vis receptivity based on sectoral dimensions has remained inconclusive. Further, zone of tolerance as a pivotal determinant of destination attachment has not been focused either, although the concept is likely to have serious connotations with respect to behavioural consequences of tourists. Destination atmospherics, a major input in tourism-servicescape, is apprehended to be deterministic of zone of tolerance. This paper intends to map the zone of tolerance of tourists from the perspective of destination atmospherics. The findings will lend additional inputs to the theoretical base of travel motivation. 

Keywords: Destination atmospherics, zone of tolerance, tourist