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Gastronomic Heritage in Tourism Management
Ruhet Genc
Abstract: One of the factors that affect tourists’ value of experience is the value of consumption where food experience plays a crucial role. While gastronomic tourism had always been in existence, its popularity is very much on the rise nowadays. It is not considered unusual to travel long distances for food tasting and smart businesses are taking the best advantage of this…
My Vegetarian Experience: An Autoethnographic Approach
Mayukh Dewan
Abstract: Food consumption around the world makes up the basis of human ecology as we eat foods based on our cultural, religious and moral beliefs. Ethical and spiritual concerns have motivated many Greek philosophers like Pythagoras, Plato, Plutarch, and Porphyry to abstain from meat consumption. There has been an increase in the meat abstinence and vegetarian lifestyle…
Mediating Effect of Tourist Country of Origin on Relationship between Factors Affecting Satisfaction of Foreign Tourists in Goa
S.P. Bansal, Purva Kansal & Sandeep Walia
Abstract: The current study was undertaken to study the perceptual differences across factors affecting value for money and satisfaction across three main clusters of foreign tourists visiting Goa i.e. USA, UK and Europe. Data was collected from 300 foreign tourists in Goa. The results of the study indicate that the traditional model of perception of experience and ease as two…
Representation of Reality and Local Visitors’ Sense of Attachment: The Case of the George Town Festival in Malaysia
Farhad Fakhrian & Gelareh Abooali
Abstract: This study investigated the role of a cultural festival in creating a sense of attachment among local visitors towards the George Town World Heritage site through the artistic representation of neglected outstanding values. This study particularly focused on two issues: the absence of investigations on the success of the George Town Festival (GTF) in creating…
Understanding Destination Images of Tourism Stakeholders: A Destination Branding Perspective
Suman Sharma & Vikrant Kaushal
Abstract: Although a number of studies on destination image and destination branding have focused on the entities at the receiving end, i.e. tourists, the dearth of supply side analysis has been frequently pointed out. This paper aims to analyse four key stakeholders in tourism business in terms of their destination images and destination branding. Survey questionnaires were…
Sustainable Medical Tourism Model – A Case Study of Kerala, India
Sindhu Joseph
Abstract: Medical tourism is a term used to portray a current booming industry which is viewed optimistically by media practitioners, researchers and the health care industry. Along with its enormous scope and potential, the issues and problems that may arise due to the promotion of medical tourism at a destination should be taken seriously and addressed…
Profiles of Gastronomic Tourists Visiting Malacca and George Town, World Heritage Site(s) of Malaysia
Leong Quee-Ling, Muhammad Shahrim Ab. Karim, Khairil Wahidin Awang & Ainul Zakiah Abu Bakar
Abstract: Gastronomy is a prominent tourism product in Malaysia that is becoming an attraction to international tourists. Within the tourism industry in Malaysia, gastronomy products are an indisputable revenue generator for the country since tourists eat out all the time when vacationing. Dining is among the top three expenses of international tourists in Malaysia…
Mapping Zone of Tolerance from Destination Atmospherics
Arup Kumar Baksi
Abstract: The concept of zone of tolerance is quite complex as it delves deep into the cognitive spread of consumers which determines the level of acceptance or rejection of services. Thus for service marketers, the deterministic impact of zone of tolerance may play a critical role towards acceptance/ rejection of services based on quality, delivery, physical evidence and employee…
Corporate Social Responsibility: Exploring SME Owners’ Understanding and Practices
Pei Yi Beh & Sushila Devi Rajaratnam
Abstract: This paper explored small and medium enterprise (SME) food retail owners’ understanding on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and identified their CSR practices. Limited research has focused on CSR in SMEs despite their economic and social significance in many countries, including Malaysia. The study attempted to narrow this gap. Semi-structured interviews…
Generation Y Malaysian Women’s Perception Towards Solo Travel
Toh Jen Ying, Khairil Wahidin Awang & Jamil Bojei
Abstract: Global tourism movement has shown an increase over the past years. Historically, global travel is meant to be the prerogative of men but the women and travel phenomenon has slowly started to emerge. This study addresses the cultural values of West and Asia to understand the Asian perspective. Within South East Asia, Malaysia is one of the countries that…
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