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Mediating Effect of Tourist Country of Origin on Relationship between Factors Affecting Satisfaction of Foreign Tourists in Goa

@ Asia-Pacific Journal of Innovation in Hospitality and Tourism

Online ISSN: 2710-6519

S.P. Bansal, Purva Kansal & Sandeep Walia 


The current study was undertaken to study the perceptual differences across factors affecting value for money and satisfaction across three main clusters of foreign tourists visiting Goa i.e. USA, UK and Europe. Data was collected from 300 foreign tourists in Goa. The results of the study indicate that the traditional model of perception of experience and ease as two significant variables which influence the value for money perception and satisfaction, was valid for the UK and Europe cluster samples. However, the traditional model was not valid in the case of US respondents. The results suggest that experience had a significant impact on perception of ease; which had an effect on value for money perception and in turn, satisfaction. The model when tested for UK and Europe indicate that the relationship of the variables improved by changing the causal paths in the model. The validity of the model is further supported by removing the experience dimension from the proposed model which decreased the effect of ease on value for money and satisfaction. The study highlights the need for the Goa government to consider changing its positioning strategy to better fit the changing mix of foreign tourists visiting Goa. 

Keywords: Perception, foreign tourists, satisfaction, Goa.