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Moviegoers in Malaysia: The mediating effect of brand recall on product placement and purchase intentions

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

*Clarence Anthony Puspanathan, Khor Kheng Kia and Charles Ramendran SPR


This deductive research investigated brand recall effect as a mediator in the relationship between plot-integrated product placement, auditory-stimulated product placement, and the consumer purchase intentions of the multi-ethnic cinema patrons in Peninsular Malaysia. Product placement has been a significant factor in shaping the purchasing decisions of moviegoers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds in Malaysia. The theoretical framework for this research was derived from Tripartite Typology of Product Placement and Theory of Planned Behaviour (TPB). The research respondents were Malay, Chinese, Indian, and other ethnic groups that frequented movie theatres (cinemagoers) in Peninsular Malaysia. All the states that make up Peninsular Malaysia were represented, except for Kelantan and Perlis. This was because both states did not have any theatres that are currently operational.

Keywords: Product placement, consumer purchase intentions, cinema patrons, brand recall and movies