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Streaming television: Binge-watching behaviour and its implications on university students

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

Areeg Talal Mahmoud, *Juliana Abdul Wahab


Traditionally, television shows were aired with a fixed schedule that enabled viewers to consume one episode at a time. However, due to online streaming television platforms such as Netflix and others, audiences have gained full control and accessibility on the amount of media they consume, enabling them to view more than three episodes back-to-back in a single session which is commonly identified as “binge-watching”. This escalating new norm of watching television series on streaming television platforms is shifting the way media is being consumed. Therefore, the current research investigates the binge-watching phenomenon to explore the reasons behind it and its implications on university students in Malaysia using a qualitative approach. Based on the active audience concept, the framework of the study was constructed to act as a guide for the researcher. A total of 16 participants joined mini-focus group discussions that were designed to study binge-watching behaviour. A thematic analysis was then conducted to examine the collected data.

Keywords: Streaming television, binge-watching, audience studies, qualitative research methods