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Typology of vaccine refusals on Facebook in Malaysia

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

*Wan Norshira Wan Mohd Ghazali, Hamidah Idris, Shafizan Mohamed, Nur Shakira Mohd Nasir


Vaccine success stories in eradicating infectious diseases such as smallpox and polio have long been acknowledged. However, the function of vaccines is not widely known currently as these diseases are low profile. Studies have shown that social media users have always disseminated the harmful effects of vaccines on health without referring to valid and credible sources. This has led to an increase in anti-vaccine sentiment among the public and contributed to vaccine refusal around the globe, including Malaysia. Facebook is well known for providing the space for anti-vaxxers to engage and share distorted and unfounded views about vaccination. Therefore, this study is conducted to examine anti-vaxxers on Facebook and to understand their characteristics. A total of 456 Facebook users who claimed to reject vaccines publicly on a selected Facebook page, Malaysia Kene Tahu (MKT), were quantitatively profiled.

Keywords: Anti-vaxxers, demographic profiles, Facebook, self-presentation, vaccine refusal