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Using Giddens’ structuration theory to examine the contesting participation of online mass media’s journalists in Katadata.co.id framing

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

*Dimas Jarot Bayu & Endah Triastuti


Accuracy is a common and serious problem in online mass media, particularly in today’s fast-paced news industry. By applying the arguments in structuration theory, this study examines agents within the structure of the news industry, such that they function as both the medium and outcome of agency formation, and how they intertwine with issues of public trust in online mass media. Using Katadata.co.id as an instrumental case study from April to July 2019, this study suggests that the emergence of data journalism potentially offers a solution to overcome the issue of accuracy within the new structure of online news media. Using Giddens’ structuration theory, this study critically analyses data journalism’s efficacy to enhance the accuracy of online news. The study concludes that although data journalism provides financial benefits for Katadata.co.id, the website did not demonstrate an ability to overcome the problem of inaccuracy, which is attributed to a lack of adequate data analysis training, support and equipment among its journalists. Rather, Katadata.co.id remains trapped in the typical structure of online mass media that sacrifices quality and prioritises news quantity and speed to increase advertising revenues. On that basis, the researchers recommend that Katadata.co.id improves its editorial structure to enhance the accuracy of its news. Further research is suggested to examine the application of data journalism by other news websites in Indonesia.

Keywords: data journalism, news accuracy, structuration, commercialism