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“We Spoke Different Languages, Yet We Sang The Same Song”: An Analysis Of Multiculturalism In Ola Bola

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

Kavita Maheendran


This study explores the portrayal of multiculturalism in the film, Ola Bola. In addition, the study also investigates the success behind the movie . The content analysis methodology based research utilised Structuralist Film Theory to write the analysis. Besides analysing the film, the researcher also analysed blogs and online portals to gather opinions from various perspectives. From the findings, a total of five themes (interracial friendship, cross cultural interaction, multilingual dialogues, portrayal of minority community and embracing colour blindness) were gauged from the analysis. As for the success of this film, it was found that marketing and promotion campaigns were the main reasons for Ola Bola to perform well at the box office. From the analysis done on blogs and portals it was found that most Malaysians enjoyed multicultural films, and they also hoped for Malaysians to stay united.

Keywords: Ola Bola, multiculturalism, content analysis, Malaysia, Structuralist Film Theory