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Moral Panics and Foreign Nationals: Perceived Attitude and Intentions
*Thinavan Periyayya & Kumutham Krishnan
Abstract: This paper investigated moral panics on activities of African nationals as reported in three local dailies from the period 2007 to 2010. Cohen (1972) defines moral panics as “a condition, episode, individual or groups of persons who emerge to become defined as a threat to societal values and interest.” Content analysis was used to examine the news articles against Goode …
Hegemony and Symbolic Resistance in Malaysia: A Study of Namewee’s Music
Tan Chong Yew
Abstract: Wee Meng Chee, better known as Namewee, is a controversial Malaysian rapper whose music has courted trouble with the Malaysian government. Although some people dismiss his songs as profane, this paper will highlight that Namewee’s music actually constitutes a critique of Malaysia’s social realities, and it challenges the BN ruling coalition’s political…
Evaluation Research on Public Relations Activities among Public Relations Practitioners in Malaysian Corporations: An Exploratory Study
*Pauline Leong Pooi Yin, Kumutham Krishnan & Catherine Lee Cheng Ean
Abstract: Evaluation is the fourth step of the public relations (PR) process (Wilcox and Cameron, 2009). According to Grunig and Grunig (2001), evaluation research is necessary to establish the effectiveness of public affairs programmes and their contribution to organisational effectiveness. The purpose of this research is to assess the perception of Malaysian…
Malaysian Gen Y’s Usage of Vocabulary in Academic Essay-Writing: A Comparison of the Effectiveness of Online versus Print Reading-to-Write Tasks
*Prema Ponnudurai & Antoon De Rycker
Abstract: Much second-language essay writing in higher education has been found lacking in both content and academic vocabulary. To stimulate higher-order thinking and to activate a more suitable vocabulary, argumentative essay-writing tasks in English can integrate prior reading material. Whether this source text should be presented online or in print, and how either…