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Images Of Crisis On Television: National Media Approaches To European Identity-Making
*Irene Photiou, Lambrini Papadopoulou & Theodora A. Maniou
Abstract: The clash between European and national identities has generated an ongoing debate in the European Union, which usually peaks in times of crises. Such a crisis occurred in June-July 2015 when Greece experienced a fresh culmination of its ongoing financial and socio-political stalemate. The negotiations between the Greek government and the EU administration…
Enhancing The Effectiveness Of Tobacco Package Warning Labels: An Elaboration Likelihood Perspective
Tunu Nkunya, *Thinavan a/l Periyayya & Santhidran a/l Sinappan
Abstract: Graphic health warning on cigarette packages is the latest initiative to encourage cessation and reduce smoking uptake, nevertheless, it is not clear on how effective this approach can inform and change smoking behavior. The role of recipient factors influencing the processing of anti-smoking messages on cigarette packs is also unclear. This paper attempts to investigate…
The Fading Batek: Problematizing The Decline Of Traditional Tattoos In The Philippine Cordillera Region
F.P.A. Demeterio III
Abstract: This paper builds on the findings established by an earlier paper, entitled “The Traditional Tattoos of the Philippine Cordillera Region: a Study on their Differences in Appearances, Causes and Discursive Strengths,” written by the author together with his research team and was published in Volume 8, Number 2 of SEARCH Journal. The previous paper was a synchronic…
“We Spoke Different Languages, Yet We Sang The Same Song”: An Analysis Of Multiculturalism In Ola Bola
Kavita Maheendran
Abstract: This study explores the portrayal of multiculturalism in the film, Ola Bola. In addition, the study also investigates the success behind the movie . The content analysis methodology based research utilised Structuralist Film Theory to write the analysis. Besides analysing the film, the researcher also analysed blogs and online portals to gather opinions from various perspectives. From the findings, a total of…