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Duterte’s image building in the 2016 Philippine presidential debates
Orville B. Tatcho
Abstract: Debates are an interesting platform for image building given that they are only partially controlled by the candidates. This study looks into how the then President-elect Rodrigo Duterte harnessed the potential of the 2016 Philippine presidential debates for image building. The objectives of the study were to explain the role of mediation in Duterte’s image building…
Social media privacy and the law: Perspectives from Malaysian and UK consumers
*Jason J Turner & Puteri Sofia Amirnuddin
Abstract: The aims of this study are two-fold: firstly to investigate the perspectives of individuals from Malaysia and the UK to understand their views of responsibility and areas of concern about social media in the context of their respective countries and secondly, to examine the role that the law has to play in protecting an individual within the context of social media privacy…
Adopting masculine traits to get ahead – An exploratory study of Malaysian female & male public relations practitioners’ job role & organisational position disparities
Chuan Tek Pheung
Abstract: This study explores the disparities in the job-role enactments and promotion opportunities of Malaysian female and male public relations practitioners, and the adoption of masculine traits by female practitioners to counter the male-biased and masculine-centric organisational glass ceiling. The significant contrast of a female majority PR industry and a mainly…
Debating vernacular school system in Malaysia: A comparative analysis of multi-lingual local newspapers
*Ong Sheau Wen & Ihediwa Samuel Chibundu
Abstract: The vernacular school system in Malaysia has long been controversial, with national integration a focal point. Oftentimes, the range of voices over issue definition and interpretation is linked to a process of inter-ethnic negotiation and contestation with media becoming an important platform for public debate. Building on the notion that media framing has important implications…
Convergence of visual interpretation through collective practices of masculinity in a Malaysian televised show
*Uma Rani A Rethina Velu & Surinderpal Kaur
Abstract: A televised show is much more than a mere tool of entertainment especially when it concerns concepts such as gender and masculinity. The dynamics of a television scene can articulate different discourses of masculinity within the interplay of its visual processes. These visual processes could create meanings that either reinforce or challenge societal notions of…
Framing the Sustainable Development Goals in Malaysian Online News
*Sharafa Dauda & Nik Norma Nik Hasan
Abstract: This article uses the News Framing theory to examine how Malaysian online newspapers framed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a universal set of development targets seeking to end poverty, protect the planet, and ensure prosperity for all. This aligns with the 11th Malaysia Plan (2016-2020) and research already shows that Malaysians exhibit an…
Shared Causal Theories about Film Violence and Violent Behaviour: Findings from Young Malaysian Indians
Ramachandran Ponnan, *Antoon De Rycker, Yang Lai Fong & Mohammad Abeer Syed
Abstract: Film is an essential part of the fabric of Indian communities, also in Malaysia. Local media and social commentary frequently argue that film violence causes violent or aggressive behaviour, especially among Malaysian Indian youths. This article examines to what extent the young Indian filmgoers themselves subscribe to this view. The research approach consists…
The Use and Effectiveness of Facebook in Small-Scale Volunteer Organisation for Refugee Children’s Education in Malaysia
*Sahar Shekaliu, Siti Ezaleila Mustafa, Hamedi M. Adnan & Jarret Guajardo
Abstract: How is a small-scale volunteer organization in Malaysia utilizing Facebook to engage the Malaysian public in volunteer work for refugee children’s education? This paper addresses this question by investigating the social media use of “Let’s Tutor a Refugee Child”. By using quantitative content analysis and social media analytics, this study analyzes the Facebook…
The Effects of Experiential Learning on Teaching Perception and Learning Approaches among Public Relations Students
*Teoh Hee Chong & Yap Teng Teng
Abstract: The public relations practice in Malaysia has received criticism for not reaching the level of sophistication and development of its overseas counterparts. In view of this, higher education institutions that offer public relations courses in Malaysia have continuously been involved in efforts to improve the occupational standing and prestige of the public relations…
The Sixth International Conference in Communication and Media ICOME’18 – Special Issue
Special Issue for I’COME’18.
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