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Convergence of visual interpretation through collective practices of masculinity in a Malaysian televised show

@ SEARCH Journal of Media and Communication Research

Online ISSN: 2672-7080

*Uma Rani A Rethina Velu & Surinderpal Kaur


A televised show is much more than a mere tool of entertainment especially when it concerns concepts such as gender and masculinity. The dynamics of a television scene can articulate different discourses of masculinity within the interplay of its visual processes. These visual processes could create meanings that either reinforce or challenge societal notions of masculinity. This can be further compounded when repeatedly broadcast to a particular segment of society that is both conservative and religious. This paper investigates how masculinity is performed through collective practices in the visual interpretation of a televised show, Oh My English! Adopting the Representation and Viewer Network together with the Visual Social Actor Network, this paper analyses the visual features of group interaction among the main male teenage social actors in a particular scene from an episode of the show. Group performances within scenes are also discussed and the findings are linked together to explore the representation and construction of masculinity. The findings reveal not only the interpretation of masculinity from different hierarchal positionings through a heterosexual-heteronormative perspective but also that the presence of a female social actor plays a significant role in ‘doing’ masculinity. The findings furthermore highlight that dissent in the performance of heteronormative masculinity is possible and in fact is visually represented.

Keywords: media discourse, social actor representation, hegemonic masculinity, visual interpretation, television show